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Pegasus Water Systems

Our Solutions

1Pegasus Water Systems uses electronic technology that determines your family’s daily conditioned water usage. Our innovative system control automatically calculates how much conditioned water is used day after day. It remembers any change and only regenerates when necessary. This saves up to 50% on potassium and conserves water.

Florida Water

2Pegasus Water Systems knows Florida. We’ve worked with our component supplier to custom design water management systems specifically made to treat Florida’s water using the latest water treatment technology.

Our Pegasus PM line is one complete system that cleans, softens, and filters by targeting the chlorine, chloramines, chemicals, bacteria, and odors found in Florida’s water.

Water Safety

3Florida water may contain hundreds of unsafe substances, including gasoline, pesticides, toxic pollution, septic-tank leakage, chlorine, insecticides, phenols, industrial waste, lead, dichloro acedic acid, and thousands of bacteria strains.

Pegasus Water Systems are custom built to remove all those, and more!