About Us

Pegasus Water Systems

Pegasus Water Systems is a division of Action Manufacturing & Supply, which was established in 1980. The primary objective of Pegasus is to feature the latest in technology that leads to efficient and effective water conditioning.

Featuring two locations, Pegasus Water Systems stays on the cutting edge of water technology from research, manufacturing, all the way to delivery. You can rest easy knowing the products provided by Pegasus Water Systems are developed to provide quality water which enhances the lifestyle of every household.

Our Component Suppliers

Pegasus Water Systems works with component suppliers that have been researching and improving water systems technology for over 5 decades. Strict quality standards are maintained by the latest in blow molding equipment. Every control assembly undergoes simulated cycle testing to assure trouble free, reliable service in your home.

Pegasus Home Water Management System features the latest technology, quality, and performance to meet your household needs. Engineering precision is achieved by our component suppliers, with dedicated industry leadership for over five decades.

Water Systems Specifically Designed to Treat Florida's Water